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IDspire is an innovative developer and provider of Biometric-based in this fingerprint and facial technology. We are highly focused on building this company to be the lead in this Biometric access and ID authentication. Our experienced staffs and key members has served the global markets for more than a decade and launched into Asia and North America since this 2012. More over, we have introduced Neubio as the branding of customized products to fulfill OEM/ODM demands. 


We focus on useful innovation in biometrics to position us to sell leading and performance value sensors to customers looking for the best in class sensor for their proprietary products, and we also maintain the expertise to provide turn-key solutions.

We believe strongly that we must set ourselves apart from common providers, so our primary focus and investment is in developing unique new sensor technologies that meet the highest standards and are among the most affordable in the world at any performance level.

We develop the own individual sensor modules to have their own proprietary systems and are looking for the best performance and value in a fingerprint technology. And, our engineers can integrate our sensors with contemporary Industrial Design, plastic and metal fabrication, electronic design, firmware, and software to create complete, tightly integrated, access control systems as a turn-key or cooperative development solution.