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2018/06/05 NEWS
Facts About Wet Fingers Authentication

Taipei, Taiwa- Do you always dry your hands before pressing on any fingerprint sensor?

We all have this embarrassing situation happened: Trying to unlock our cellphones several times, ending up using password to unclock them; especially when our hands are just being washed. Wet fingers have long been a problem for fingerprint sensing, and happened very often in our daily life. 

The water attached on fingers makes the contrast between ridges and valleys of our fingerprints less identifiable, and leads to low verification and identification rates on the sensor. Fortunately, IDspire's core image processing algorithm is designed to fix this annoying situation. By enhancing sharpness of the images, verification and identifiation rates can be brought to their general levels. With IDspire sensor and algorithm combination, this time, stay free from the "Try Again" notification with your wet fingers.