Fingerprint Embedded Module
ED 2010 (UART Interface)
Product Introduction

IDspire’s ED 2010 is a powerful optical biometric fingerprint embedded module. It not only features IDspire’s core fingerprint sensor technology of 500 ppi high resolution and 10mm ultra-slim optical sensor, but also incorporates high performance algorithm with up to 5000 finger templates. IDspire’s ED 2010 performs the lowest FAR and FRR and operates at quick verification and identification speed. It is compatible with standard UART interface, which is ideal for various biometric applications in the market.

Features 1. 10mm ultra-slim optical fingerprint sensor
2. Up to 5000 fingerprint templates storage on board
3. Award-winning algorithm with high verification and identification speed.
4. The lowest FAR and FRR

Fingerprint Sensor: IDspire 10mm Optical Sensor
Image Resolution: 500 ppi
Scan Area:14 mm x 18 mm
Fingerprint Capacity: 5,000 templates
User ID Capacity: 1 user ID max. 10 templates
Template Size: 624 bytes
Identification Time: < 1 second (1:N)
Verification Time: < 1 second (1:1)
FAR: 0.01%
FRR: 0.1%
Interface: UART
ESD Resistance: Air 8kV, contact 4kV
Operating Temperature: -10 degrees C ~ 50 degrees C
Weight: 21 g
Dimensions: Sensor: 35 mm x 26 mm x 10 mm
PCBA: 60 mm x 30 mm x 4 mm


Time Attendance System
Door Lock
Smart Home
Safe Box
Gun Box
Industrial Control System
Medical Security System
Banking System